Month: February 2017

Data strategy should be empowering and accessible

An Opinion on Opinions: Because I’m Entitled to It

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” -Daniel Patrick Moynihan This is a cliche topic to bring up, but it is important for the direction of this blog. The misunderstanding and misappropriation of this quote (usually due to people stopping at the comma) has empowered people to be willingly ignorant…
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“I May Be Biased, But I’m Not THAT Biased”

One of the empirical parts of healthy thinking is recognising ones own bias and when it can hinder their understanding of a situation or their ability to make quality decisions. Bias is not an inherently bad thing to have, but it is a powerful trait. Bias can be accurately attained from prior knowledge. The danger is…
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“Hello, World!”

I thought I would start with a general introductory post. At the time of writing this, most people reading this are probably people that know me. Some will have already heard me I have had this domain name for roughly two and a half years but, as with most side projects, it kept getting pushed…
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