Month: March 2017

Data strategy should be empowering and accessible

Political Correctness Part 1: What do we Lose?

Political Correctness is a term that draws a lot of ire from those that lean politically to the right. Some even claim that the backlash to political correctness is a major reason Trump got elected as president of the United States of America. This may very well be true but that it is important to look…
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Opinion: It’s Okay to Say, “I Don’t Know”

This is a concept I have been working on improving personally. People like to have opinions on everything as I’ve talked about in another post, but I believe it is healthy to admit when you just don’t have the experience, evidence, or authority to talk about something. I’m not going to make claims about how…
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The Psychology of Political Affiliation

Anyone that uses a social media account nowadays has probably had a few people in their lives that appeared to have shown their true liberal/conservative/libertarian/etc colours. People that you met at a party last week or have grown up with for over a decade are now holding views that you are surprised would even show up…
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