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Data strategy should be empowering and accessible

Why I’m Glad I Have a Cognitive Science Degree (and the Limitations)

Cognitive Science is a relatively new field that was formed from people of various backgrounds coming together to suggest theory of mind based on “complex representations and computational procedures.” Depending on what aspect of cognitive science is being investigated, it basically involves trying to understand how we process information and/or how we can make computing…
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Why I’m Getting into the Mobile Neurotech Scene

From a technological standpoint, this is a very interesting time in history. Technology is moving in a way that has made it more physically and cognitively relevant and necessary to how we operate. We have developed important mediums for our behaviour and interactions with others. This is reflected in how valuable phone data has become…
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The Psychology of Political Affiliation

Anyone that uses a social media account nowadays has probably had a few people in their lives that appeared to have shown their true liberal/conservative/libertarian/etc colours. People that you met at a party last week or have grown up with for over a decade are now holding views that you are surprised would even show up…
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“I May Be Biased, But I’m Not THAT Biased”

One of the empirical parts of healthy thinking is recognising ones own bias and when it can hinder their understanding of a situation or their ability to make quality decisions. Bias is not an inherently bad thing to have, but it is a powerful trait. Bias can be accurately attained from prior knowledge. The danger is…
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