Data and Strategy Specialist Supporting Consumer-Centric Business

The Premise

Many socially driven businesses don’t invest in creating a data culture that gives them confidence, value, and accountability. It’s easy to rely on your own confidence when you are passionate about a mission. Unfortunately, this hurts your ability to best serve or engage a community. People also end up creating strategies that may not create value for their long-term mission.

Daotive Thinking works to change that.

The Experience

My experience spans roles as a tutor, marketer, head of data, science communicator, researcher, social media analyst, and content creator. This mosaic requires creativity and self-awareness around how I understand people through data and how to use that information. It requires thinking in systems but putting the end-user first, whether it’s a student, a consumer, or a local community member.

In short, Daotive Thinking requires both technical and soft skills working together.

The Socially Driven Business

A “socially driven business” has a social impact at the heart of its mission and success. Commonly, socially driven businesses are associated with health, education, green/circular economy, local business, and ethical consumer goods. Basically, you want to create value and be able to prove your impact. 

The Power of Data Culture

Building a data culture means setting up ways to make decisions that reflect the business problem and target community. Furthermore, a good data culture means collecting information from the right sources, interpreting that information, and using it ethically and efficiently. In short, data culture is the ability to be comfortable making informed decisions.

So What is Daotive Thinking?

Daotive Thinking is an approach to socially driven causes where you create confidence and accountability in your strategy.

We build your data culture by turning upcoming goals and obstacles into long-term practice and skills. In the short term, this means workshops where we work on market research, branding, or deciding on a tool to use. In the long term, this means becoming an advisor or setting up a project around community engagement, product and service delivery, internal research, and larger strategic decisions.

I will be creating workbooks, courses, and articles for those who may not need dedicated help.

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