Data and Strategy Specialist Supporting Consumer-Centric Business

As a socially driven business or organisation, you must create a culture of community-centric value by evolving the techniques you use to develop and execute your strategy.

Daotive Thinking Workshops introduce skills and frameworks that help you put your identified community at the core of how you make decisions and define success. 

Workshop Themes


These workshops help you understand the consumers or community you aim to impact as well as the ecosystem around the problem and solution.


These workshops help you create inclusive, informative, and engaging narratives around your products or services and the impacts they achieve.


These workshops help you improve the way you deliver your product or service with your consumers or community in mind.


Special Topics

These workshops cover special topics related to metrics in socially driven businesses that span across multiple themes or sessions.


If you're interested in a workshop, please fill out the form below or send an email to mentioning:

  • A sentence or two about your business/organisation.
  • An important upcoming strategic goal (i.e. growth, prototype, market research, funding application).
  • Which type of workshop you're interested in and why.