Data Storytelling for Social Impact Strategy

Providing accessible research and communication support for socially driven businesses

What is a socially driven business and data culture?

A socially driven business is any business, such as a social enterprise or community led small business, whose fundamental mission is to improve society. Socially driven businesses can exist in health, education, green and circular economy, ethical apps or consumer goods, and more.

Data culture is the confidence your business has in using evidence to inform your decisions.

The Daotive Thinking mission is to empower socially driven businesses to build a data culture that creates value, reflects their narrative, and informs their strategy.

About Daotive Thinking

I Can Help You As…

…a Facilitator

As a facilitator, I run workshops and sessions aimed to address specific challenges and solutions to validating, growing, and innovating your socially driven business.

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…an Advisor

As an advisor, we establish a more committed plan than the occcasional workshop or session in order to build an effective data culture for your socially driven business.

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Create a mission that is validated by the community and proves your value.

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Create the right avenues to inform and be informed by your target community.

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Create innovation driven by community benchmarks and participation.

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I Bring Experience in:


A background in cognitive science, neuroimaging, and urban health research provides experience in designing ways to understand people through data.


An analytics background in the non-for-profit and start up spaces provides experience in gaining insights and sharing them with a less analytical team.


A marketing background in the start up space provides experience in how to turn insights from analytics on different channels into action.


A communications background in science communication and blogging for start ups provides experience in communicating to wider audiences.

What They Say…

Daniel is someone in my corner who can listen to my problems and have solutions. I’ve improved my confidence and self-belief in my actions as a business.



I came out of the session with a clear understanding of the types of data that are going to be relevant for my pilot customers.



An objective view to remove bias and ensure that the full character of our business is being represented in a seamless brand experience, without an individual having to “sell.”


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