Data should be empowering,
not intimidating

Create accessible data culture and practices that lead to faster, more accountable business decisions


Data-driven approaches help business validate their mission statement, market, and values for themselves, their future clients, and potential investors or funding bodies.

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Daotive Thinking helps businesses use data to leverage their idea into an effective system fit for investment, design, and marketing.

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Businesses already running are likely sitting on data they have no idea how to use to enhance their brand or product.

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Daotive Thinking is about improving your relationship with data for better business validation, growth, and innovation.

The Daotive Thinking mission is to change the culture around uses of data and systems thinking for businesses who don’t have the internal analysts or experience through strategic advising, mentoring, and facilitation.

Business Stages

Previous experience has identified three main stages where your relationship to data is important: Starter, Realiser, and Fine-Tuner. Which best describes where you are with your business?


Starters (Seeking Validation)

Starters are early stage founders looking for validation of their venture, how to position it, and for whom, before making any big investments of time or money. These people benefit from intro sessions, workbooks, and courses.

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Realisers (Seeking Growth)

Realisers are concerned with getting all the fundamentals in place for successful scaling in marketing, design, investment, and sutainable income. These people benefit from workshops and strategic advising sessions.

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Fine-Tuners (Seeking Innovation)

Fine-Tuners have a business running just fine but believe they can be more innovative or effecient with data they don’t know how to use. These people benefit from guided, bespoke projects.

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What We Do

Daotive Thinking brings experience as a facilitator, communicator, researcher, and more to provide an array of products and services fit for purpose, no matter the stage of your venture.

Workbooks & Courses

Workbooks and courses provide an accessible resources to prepare you ad your venture for investment, scaling, branding, and engagement. 


Workshops are more involved than workbooks and courses because you get direct support over a specific business outcome using data literacy.


Sometimes, the more established businesses want a specific project such as a piece of data journalism about what they do, data from an event they run, or a bespoke questionnaire.

Strategic Advising

Previous experience has shown that for many, investing an advisor in the early stages is crucial. We work on a flexible retainer model that allows you to get support as you need.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say:

Kind of like brand therapy!

That was brilliant. Really positive. [The values session is] a great way to learn how to avoid people where it won’t get on from the beginning.


Bunter Casting

It’s cool!

You can never underestimate the value of brand frameworks. This feels slightly different to brand frameworks in the past because it has other practical elements of marketing.



An objective view to remove bias and ensure that the full character of our business is being represented in a seamless brand experience, without an individual having to “sell.”


Centric Lab


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