Data and Strategy Specialist Supporting Consumer-Centric Business

The advisory service provides a low commitment yet valuable space where we discuss your upcoming business goals to find ways in which sensible and creative uses of data and strategic thinking can help deliver consumer-centric results.

Advisory sessions provide technicalbranding, or operational guidance through weekly, monthly, or quarterly check-ins with follow-up notes for reference.

If you're interested in advisory, please fill out the form below or send an email to mentioning:

  • A sentence or two about your business/organisation.
  • An important upcoming strategic goal (i.e. growth, prototype, market research, funding application).
  • How often you would like to have sessions.

Research Consultancy

Research consultancy helps you turn the information about your intended community, team, and ecosystem into reasonable metrics and data that align with your mission and strategic goals.

Research consultancy can involve:

  • Gathering and integrating research to create a white paper, deck, or mission statement on the issue you’re addressing.
  • Profiling your target audience and ecosystem based on factors important to your mission and strategic goals.

Storytelling Consultancy

Storytelling consultancy helps you shape your socially driven metrics and data into narratives that provide clarity and motivation to the necessary parties about how your business or organisation is pursuing or achieving socially driven success.

Storytelling consultancy can involve:

  • Interviews, surveys, and measurement of your current practices for positioning and promotional material.
  • Creating an effective social channel strategy with objectives that can be supported by accessible metrics.

Operational Consultancy

Operational consultancy helps you develop your practices of turning socially driven metrics and data into more informed strategy that takes the experience and needs of all parties into account when making decisions that lead to socially driven success.

Operational consultancy can involve:

  • Creating an internal charter of responsibilities and metrics for a project or team.
  • Developing your process for turning feedback into information that informs product and service design.

Combined Consultancy

Combined consultancy allows you to determine a project that will will include Research and any combination of Storytelling and Decision-Making.